Privacy Policy

The information highlighting in this section shall help you understand how we gather information and use the same. Users may give personal details like the name at the time of creating an account on our site. However, it is used only with the consent of users. Our site also gets certain information like IP address, browser details, pages interested in, date and time of login, and the like details.

We may use this data for offering enhanced experienced and improve the security on our site. However, the privacy policy details are subject to change from time to time. For this, users should keep track of the information updated and access it before they start using the images on our site.

We are responsible for protecting the privacy of users and our image and its description on the site. Also, we do not give access to the personal information collected to any third parties to. We may only share it with our partners or brand affiliates for solely official purposes and to offer quality service to our esteemed users.

Besides, users should comply with the rules and regulations on our site. Only if they agree with the policies, they should get access to the images on our site. However, to get permission to download the images for free, we may require certain information from the user.

We may disclose the personal information collected on purpose for the grounds of security and safety of users. Also, to investigate fraudulence problems on the site, we may share information for the public interest.

Use of cookies

Cookies are considered a small file set sent to users’ systems when they want to access our site. With this, the site is able to recognize the browser of the user and acquire required information from it. Our site also uses cookies to store some technical information that is important for the functionality of the site. However, no personal information is used in regard to the use of cookies.

Information on third party service

We may share information and link websites with our affiliates for advertisement. However, we promise to maintain the utmost security and safety in the use of any information of users.

We process users’ data for the following reasons:

  • Helps our website to establish a smooth connection
  • Helps to build a website that is easy to access
  • The information helps in better analysis of security and system stability
  • The information collected often helps in different administrative purposes

User account

We offer the option to create a user account and create a unique login password for the same. By no means, users are expected not to share the credentials with third parties. For any problems or cases of infringement, we shall not be responsible for the same. If we suffer any violation of laws with images on our site due to carelessness on users’ part, they will be penalized for the same and prohibited from getting access to our site.